Culture & Ceramics

Tableware collection with Francisco Eugenio in Fuseta, Portugal


Composing your own floral arrangement.


Breaking the stereotype that porcelain has to be fine and delicate.


Reflexion on ergonomy. A collection of 6 cups.


A spinning top for kids and grown-ups. With its colored circles twirl is a game of balance, movement and colors.

To Seduce

Reflexion on Seduction. Two delicate porcelain cupels, result of the frozen movement towards the other. Alchemy of two hands meeting.

Coat Grip

A coat hanger where clothes are grabbed in-between the foam’s cuts

Textile Dimmer

Standing lamp manually dimmable by rolling up or out the fabric around the light source.

Time Track

Reflexion on time. The clock’s hands scratch the surface leaving a trace and reducing the object as the time goes by.

Lost Piggy Bank

Reflexion on the 'broke your lovely piggy bank' dilemma. Following a scenario, get your money back without the harsh act of breaking.