Expression of Time

design by Jean-François D'Or

On the occasion of his exhibition Moodboards at the Grand-Hornu in 2013, Jean-François D'Or decided to produce 200 pieces of one of his last project as a student.
The choice of that project is a actually a wink on his retrospective since the subject then was time.
At the Grand Hornu an isolated room was dedicated to the object, replicated and meticulously placed in the wide white room where the multiple movement of the feathers could be peacefully contemplated, almost hearing the sound of the clock ticking.

"A shudder of the feather catches the eye: the apparent immobility turns into a movement. Reflection on the perception of time, contemplating its escape for a moment. How about stealing time from time to time." Jean-François D'Or

natural poplar cube
white goose feather
clock mechanism

cube: 10 x 10 x 10 cm
feather: 15-17 cm height

collaborator & production management: Frédérique Ficheroulle